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Mount Cuckoo

15K & 30K , Adamstown

Raceday reg. available

Sloppy Cuckoo

13.1M and 6.55 Trail Run.


October Fest 1/2



HCM, helping families affected by cancer

Uberendurancesports  ---  a joint venture of a runner and a pastry chef

Mount Cuckoo
15K & 30K

Stoudtburg Village, Adamstown, PA

Saturday, August 24th 2013   8:00 A.M, Limit 500 Runners

Multi-surface race

"An unusual challenge for road or trail runners"

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Nice shot of a section of the course at 8:00 AM courtesy of Jim Blandford.
Course at 9:00AM

Ever since I started running I noticed quite some differences between roadrunners and trail runners. Roadrunners seem to be skinnier, always wear a gps watch, and usually run only road races that are downhill with tailwind to ensure another 1.3 sec PR.

They eat a lot of carrot sticks to keep their weight down and have a close relationship to their shrink and yoga instructor. Trail runners seem to be extremely laid back. They only run hard, if they expect a shortage of beer at the end of a run. After a run they look like a toddler who played in the sandbox on a rainy day. They usually have a close relationship to the local brew master or at the very least one of their friends is a home brewer.

These 2 types of runners always look at each other rather suspiciously, they rarely mix, but both think their way of running is  “the” way. I’m not sure if our race will settle the score, but will give both groups the opportunity to compete against each other. Mount Cuckoo 15k will probably be the hardest 15K a road runner ever ran. While a part of the course features flat or downhill road sections, the other part of the course features some difficult single track trail section but also wider pleasant trail sections, gravel roads and open grass fields.You will climb Mount cuckoo twice. Mid race you will encounter one of the longest and steepest driveways in Berks country up to the “Alpine lodge” where Heidi will also serve alternative beverages.So run your 5K PR some other day, embrace the challenge of this unusual race and celebrate with a post race beer at Stoudtsburg village (has BYOB license) without having to hide it from the local Park ranger. 

To learn more about the shops at Stoudtsburg village go to www.stoudtburgvillage.com

Mount Cuckoo Farewell Party

The Mount Cuckoo 15/30K is my favorite uberendurancesports race-course. It is a good mix of all different types of running surfaces. Unfortunately the trail sections are scaring the roadrunners, and the road sections are scaring the trail runners. It seems the Mount Cuckoo is our only race that does not catch on. If you love our other races, you definitely will have a blast running the Mount Cuckoo, and you better do it this year, because it might be the last one.


Insane 15k race. 1/2 Road 1/2 Trail (up and down Mount cuckoo). 
or even more cuckoo, do the double for 30K.
Fee for 15k or 30K is the same. You can sign up for the 30K, but finish in the 15K if it is not your day.

Start Time:
8:00 AM


Stoudtsburg Village, Stoudtsburg Road, Denver , PA 17517

Stoudtburg Village

Race starts and finishes at German shopping village


Race starts at Stoudtsburg village. Mile 1 is road with the second half already climbing up to Mount Cuckoo. Mile 2 continues to climb to the top of Mount cuckoo starting out as a wide gravel road turning into single track and getting increasingly more technical (translation more rocks and roots). Mile 3 continues on top of Mount Cuckoo  featuring very runnable single track trail. You hit the 1st aidstation before you decent Mount cuckoo on the other site with more difficult single track. Mile 4 & 5 flat and down hill road section. Time for the road runners to catch up or build a cushion. Mile 5.5 features the steppest and longest driveway in Berks county leading up to the Alpine lodge where alternative beverages (translation beer) will be served. Now concentrate, since some of you might now loose their sense of direction. 3 Miles of trail are ahead of you heading up and down Mount cuckoo. Final mile is Road and downhill, sprint to the finish line and pass as many road or trail runners as possible. Do it 1 more time for a total of a 30K if you feel really cuckoo that day AutobahnWe have a fast stretch on pavement Horseshoeand single track (and more)


Register online at www.ultrasignup.com

Raceday registration is available. Shirt availability on raceday, first come first serve. Preregister to secure a shirt your size.

2013 Fees: 

$35 till 7/31         $40 after and raceday with shirts, $35 when shirts are gone

Mail in app (must be post marked by 8/17):  

Mail in app

Refund policy:

Till 7/30/2013:
Mail us a self-addressed envelope to receive a refund minus $5.

after 7/30/13:
all entries are final


1st & 2nd overall , Winner Masters (age 40+)  male and female

Top 3 in age groups: 29& under, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59,Winner 60+ 

We have placed the order for the age group awards. These unique awards come from the Black Forest of  Germany.  They are german weather houses. They can predict future weather  pretty much as reliable as "Glen Hurrican Schwarz" . Here is how they work:    There is a gut string inside which reacts to all changes in air humidity. Depending on wether the air is dry or humid, the gut string changes it's position and twists more or less, so that the female turns outside when it is dry (predicting nice weather) and the male, when it is humid. 
weather house

 It's in August, it might get hot and humid. 60% of the course is shaded.
Timing will be provided through Pretzel City Sports.  You will be able to check your place almost instantly on raceday.
Aid Stations:
We will have 3 Aid Stations on the course and one at the start/finish for the 30k runners. The Alpine Lodge Aidstation will also feature a cold and tasty beverage sponsored by a local microbrew.

Team and rehydration challenge
Every runner competes as an individual overall and in their age group, however when registering, you also will pick a team (road or trail) that your score will count towards.
Bonus points will be earned at the rehydration challenge. The 2nd aidstation will offer beer as an alternative beverage, whichever team finishes their alloted amount of beer first wins bonus points. Sorry roadies, as of now you are 0:2 for the rehydration challenge (no surprise here), however team trail versus road overall is tied.

Alpine Lodge Rehydration Challange


Post Race Party:
Starts around 10:30. We will award agegroup awards, the winning team will get to drink their winners beer in front of the loosing team bohoo :-). Celebrate, talk running , have a beer and enjoy some food and shopping at Stoudtsburg village. 

 Lodging :

The Comfort Inn here in Denver would offer your out of town guest $72.00 plus tax for 1-2 people in the guest room. There would be a $10.00 extra charge for any extra guest in the room. The rate also includes a full hot breakfast buffet each moring of their stay. We can also extend a late check out time until 2:00 P.M. For reservations call 717.336.7541 and mention "Uberendurancesports". The staff and I would really look foward to serving you and your guest. Thanks again, Sherrie Stetler Comfort Inn of Lancaster County North 1 Denver Road Denver, PA 17517 HorseshoeCourse includes nice section on the Horseshoe trail.