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"Sloppy Cuckoo 12 hour Challenge"

12 Hour Trail Run

Pennypack Park, Philadelphia, PA

Sunday, October 11th 2015   7:30AM - 7:30PM

Supports Friends of Pennypack Park in memory of Walter Grund

New date Oct 11th due to the Popes visit on the original date!!!!!
The Sloppy Cuckoo 12 hour challenge takes place at Pennypack Park, a beautiful oasis within the city of Philadelphia. We designed a 6.55 mile loop that is very runnable , incorporates geourgeous views of Pennypack Creek, offers enough variety to keep you occupied for the entire day and is just easy enough to cover long distances.
This is a great format to see how far you can go. Did you ever cross a finish line and thought: “ I could have ran all day”? See how far you can go, or run a distance that you never conquered before because a time limit prevented you from doing so. We have top-notch fully stocked aidstations staffed by local ultra runners and 2 professional chefs at the finish line taking care of you. Every runner finishing 26.2 or more will receive an unique German weatherhouse with a wooden plaque indicating your overall mileage that day and our cuckoo whistle finisher "medal" certainly is a conversation piece. Enjoy the cameraderie on the course with a bunch of cuckoo ultra runners.

  single track


12h Trail Run

Start Time:

7:30 AM


Pennypack Park, approx 8750 Pine Road, Philadelphia, PA 19115

2015 Fees: 

$69 till 6/15, $75 till 8/31, $85 after 

We still offer day of registration. You can sign up on Sunday starting at 6:30AM till 15min before the start
Register online at www.ultrasignup.com

Mail in app (postmarked by 9/10):  

Mail in app

Refund policy:

Till 8/31/2015:
Mail us a self-addressed envelope to receive a refund minus $10

after 8/31/15:
all entries are final


Because we think you have to be a little cuckoo to run for 12 hours, every finisher will receive a original Black Forest cuckoo wistle on a band as a finisher award.

finisher award

1st place male and female will receive a cuckoo clock
Top 3 under 39 & Top 3 Masters (40+) will receive a Kuckulino Desk Clock.

Instead of agegroup awards we will reward a special award to every runner who covered at least a marathon distance.
This special award is a handcrafted german weatherhouse. A special plaque will be attached specifing the distance you covered that day . We have nicely lasercut plaques for milestone distances 26.2 Miles, 50K+, 40 Miles, 50 Miles & 100K or you may opt for a blank plaque, that we can inscribe with a woodburing tool indicating your exact distance.

These unique awards come from the Black Forest of  Germany.  They are german weather houses. They can predict future weather  pretty much as reliable as "Glen Hurrican Schwarz" .
Here is how they work:
There is a gut string inside which reacts to all changes in air humidity. Depending on wether the air is dry or humid, the gut string changes it's position and twists more or less, so that the female turns outside when it is dry (predicting nice weather) and the male, when it is humid.

weather house

Time Limit:

You have 12 hours to run as far as possible. You may take breaks throughout the day. It is up to you how many hours you spend on the course. After 6:20 PM no one is allowed to start another loop unless you are in contention for a top 3 finish and your last couple lap times indicate that you may be able to finish within the 12 hour time limit. Between 5:50PM and 6:20 PM Racedirector will decide on a case by case basis, if runner can go out to start another full lap. Only completed laps will be counted towards the overall results, however runners may run a partial lap to marked turnaround points to reach Milestones 40M, 50M and 100K.


The average temp at the start is in the  60ies. Average high at noon is about 70. The course is mostly  shaded.


We will record split times for every lap. Runners must check in with timing table after every single lap before going back out. Only complete laps count towards overall results (you may run a partial lap to get to your personal milestone distance). Results are sorted by longest distance, if more than one runner covered the same distance, the time needed to cover that distance (clocktime) will serve as tiebreaker.

Aid Stations:

There is an aidstation at about Mile 3 on the course and an aidstation at Start/Finish.Aid stations are staffed by local trail ultrarunners. Aidstation will carry all the usual foods and snacks that you expect at an ultra event. Gatorade and water will be available at all the aidstation.  Also available:

PBJ Sandwiches
All you can eat Grilled Cheese (Aidstation at Start only)
Sodium tablets
Chocolate Chip cookies
Oreos Cooked potatoes
and more

St Pauli Girls


Along the Pennypack Creek within the limits of Pennypack park. Course is a 6.55 Mile loop . Mile 1-3 mostly flat and non technical (maybe a few short rocky spots) mostly compacted dirt single track. Very runnable by trailrunner standards. Second half features a lot of fun twisty single track trails (Roller coaster section) and some rolling hills. All hills are relatively short.

Coursemap and elevation chart