"No need to run our races in Lederhosen"

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Uberendurancesports  ---  a joint venture of a runner and a pastry chef

Food and entertaining has always played a central role in our lives. We always shared a passion for baking & cooking. Our oldest son practically grew up in a commercial restaurant kitchen and enjoys cooking to this day. I have  been Linda's biggest fan, and it eventually caught up to me (tipping the scale at over 250 pounds). When Linda's father passed away after being diagnosed with lung cancer, we realized that we have to take better care of our health, so we can be around for our children. We introduced fitness into our lives and I became very passionate about running.  Since then we have lost 130 pounds together and  family fun consists of hiking on the trail and enjoying s'mores around the bon fire, rather than dinner and a movie.

inthezone Stephan Weiss, Race director

Stephan used to be an overweight smoker, as well as an overworked stressed out father of 3 children. In 2005 he stopped smoking, lost 75 pounds in 06/07 and started running in 07 at the age of 37 to train for the Philadelphia Marathon as his first road race ever. He has been hooked on running ever since. Stephan is a volunteer race director for the Blues Cruise 50k trail race and a member of the Pagoda Pacers. Being married to a pastry chef leaves him only 2 options: Having extreme will power to resist the temptations in the kitchen or to become a hard core runner for the rest of his live, to burn off the calories.

Linda Thekla Weiss, Pastry Chef

Linda grew up in a restaurant kitchen. She knew early on, that she wanted to become a pastry chef. She studied pastry arts at Johnson and Wales University and worked  in a pastry shop in Stuttgart,  Germany. Back in the US she quickly made a name for herself as the pastry chef of the Old Brauhaus and the co-owner of the Strudelhaus cafe and pastry shop. She has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer and also in the Ophra movie "Beloved".  In 2006 Linda moved with her family to Berks county to raise her children.

Chief baking officer
walter Walter Grund, Executive Chef

Walter also grew up working in the Old Brauhaus, Philadelphia. He studied culinary arts in Germany and worked at a resort  in Switzerland. He was the executive chef at the Brauhaus for about 20 years . These days Walter enjoys teaching culinary arts at the Philadelphia Institute of culinary arts.

Thekla Grund, Senior Exec. Chef

Thekla & her late husband Walter owned and operated the Old Brauhaus in Philadelphia for 42 years. The Old Brauhaus became a destination for German food lovers. Thekla's specialty are sauces and homemade soups made fresh from scratch. Her snapper soup is still considered by many to be the best in the Philadelphia area.

Kids Sebastian & Florian,
Chief Fun Officers

These 2 are the main reason, why we decided to have a change in life style. In 2006 we moved from Philadelphia to Berks county to raise our kids in a more rural setting. Sebastian likes cooking, playing restaurant, biking and camping. Florian likes  making jokes, drawing and prides himself to  run faster than most 2nd graders. Both can be seen helping out at races and handing out freezer pops.