"No need to run our races in Lederhosen"

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Uberendurancesports  ---  a joint venture of a runner and a pastry chef

Uberendurancesports is not a nonprofit organization, but fundraising is an important part of what we do and why we do this. On behalf of everybody here at uberendurancesports, we would like to thank all our runners for their continued support. Your support enables us to raise funds for these great charities and organisations that are important to us:

-Friends of Pennypack Park
-HCM Foundation, helping local families affected by cancer
HCM, helping families affected by cancer
In 2014 we implemented a new fundraising program to support the HCM Foundation. If you are interested in running the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut 1/2 or full marathon and raise funds for HCM please go to http://hcmfoundation.org/events/uberendurancesports/

-Joan's Legacy, funding lung cancer research.

We are also planning on implementing a new fundraising program to raise more funds for Lung cancer research. Please contact the RD at stephanweiss@comcast.net to find out how you can run the Ofest 13.1 free and get a awesome German weather house award for raising funds to fund lung cancer research.
- The Rumspringa 13.1 proudly supports the Adamstown Area Library

We looking forward seeing you at the upcoming racing season, keep on running

Thank you